Panel discussion “Putin´s Russia: Where are its borders?”

Date of event: 18.6. 2014

Four distinguished panellists shared their experience with Russia during the discussion that took more than two hours – Libor Dvorak (Český rozhlas), Jefim Fištejn (RFEL), former Czech ambassador to Russia Petr Kolar and former chief of Military Intelligence Brigadier General Miroslav Krejcik. PCTR director Alexandr Vondra hosted the event.

Panellists spoke about the political development in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, compared performances of former president Mr Jelzin and current head of Russia Mr Putin or remembered the Russia – Georgian war. However, the current crisis in Ukraine was the leading topic.

High attendance of the public was a clear sign that the topic of the last PCTR event before summer had been chosen well. And the passionate debate with the audience was yet another confirmation of that.