Are the British going crazy, or Europe?

Date of event: 29.10. 17:00 - 29.10. 2019 18:30

The Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations of the CEVRO Institute (PCTR) organised a public debate and presentation of the book “Her Majesty’s rats”. The book was published by ZEĎ. Among other things, the publisher has exclusive rights to extradite the American-Israeli writer Tuvia Tenenbom, whose witty and clever “political travelogues” All their lies, Hey, refugees! and Catch the Jew! immediately became bestsellers in our country.

The debate took place on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, from 5:00, in the atrium of the CEVRO Institute (Jungmannova 17, Prague 1).

The debate was introduced by Alexandr Vondra, Honorary Chairman of PCTR. Moderators were Tomáš Pojar, Vice-Rector of CEVRO Institute and former Czech Ambassador to Israel and Jan Dražan, Co-founder of the ZEĎ Publishing House. Then the author Tuvia Tenenbom will perform and present his book.

Event summary

Beloved and cursed Tuvia Tenenbom returns to the scene and this time in style. He will present his new book, Her Majesty’s Rat
This time he took Great Britain and its inhabitants of all kinds, regardless of religion, race, sex or animal species. Because where else should the right journalist be than just the islands at a time when the whole world asks: What happened to the English? Why do they want to leave good old Europe? And why don’t they succeed and not? And what do they even want?

The Israeli-American author traversed the islands in a crisscrossed way to find out the answers. He spoke with hundreds of people, from ordinary people to top politicians, from activists to entrepreneurs, from homeless to hoteliers, from lords to barons, from gangsters to priests, slept like Churchill, played cat and mouse with Jeremy Corbyn, tracked Nigel Farage and sometimes he had to impersonate the Germans, so even in the land of the Queen, Jews have no bed of roses.
He asks all of the clever and seemingly naive questions to provoke them – which he often does – and find out what he really thinks. Subsequently, he composes a picture that is extremely funny and alarming news about today’s Britain and the mess of Brexit. If Tuvia Tenenbom is not something, then it is definitely not politically correct.
His book is full of entertaining dialogues and penetrating observations. But behind all this joke are often surprising and cruel truths, which we would rather not know. Tenenbom is neither a leftist nor a rightist; he simply wants to know the truth. And so it irritates everyone.