The Storm Before The Calm with George Friedman

A discussion with George Friedman about his new book

George Friedman is an acknowledged geopolitical strategist and analyst in the field of international policy, founder and director of Geopolitical Futures, an author of many bestsellers that were translated into more than twenty languages. His last book The Storm Before The Calm (2020) was translated into Czech as Klid před bouří (Tomáš Krsek Publishers) only a few months after being published in the United States and was the main topic of the discussion.

After a thorough introduction and very interesting insight, George Friendman answered several questions focusing on the relations between China and the US, he also shared insight on Brexit and the development of the European Union. The debate was opened by Alexandr Vondra and the later discussion was moderated by Tomáš Pojar.

You can find the full discussion here or bellow.

Or you can read an article in Czech about the debate in Echo24.