Turkey and the EU Relations in the Context of Russian Aggression in Ukraine

April 5, 2022

The Center for Transatlantic Relations (PCTR) and the Center for Middle East Relations (PCMR) of the CEVRO Institute held a debate on Turkey-EU relations in the context of Russian aggression in Ukraine on 5 April 2022 with Faruk Kaymakci, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister and Director of European Affairs.

The closed expert round table focused mainly on the possible development of relations between Turkey and the EU in the light of the Russian invasion to Ukraine. Among other things, the participants focused on energy security and renewables and Ankara’s role as a mediator during the war in Ukraine. Faruk Kaymakci also mentioned the importance of the Free Trade Agreement that Turkey made with Ukraine two months ago. He also spoke of up to 7.5 million Russian tourists who visit Turkey every year.

Turkey also sees its activities during the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as an opportunity to revitalize its relations with the European Union, and Deputy Kaymakci’s trip to Prague was planned especially with regard to the upcoming Czech presidency of the EU Council.

The event took place under the Chatham House Rule, moderated by PCMR director Tomáš Kaválek.

Faruk Kaymakcı serves as Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister. He previously worked at the Department of the Balkan States (1994-1995), as Director of the Political Planning (2002-2003) and Director of the European Union Department (2008). He served abroad at the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli (1997-1999), within NATO as a Senior Civilian Representative in Kabul (2004-2005) and also three times as a member of the permanent Turkish delegation in Brussels (1999-2002, 2005-2008 and 2017-2018). He also served as Chief Foreign Policy Adviser to the Minister for European Affairs and Chief Negotiator and Director of Communications. In 2011-2013 he served as Consul General in Basra and as Ambassador in Baghdad (2013-2018).