Workshop on security threats within the project “New Strategic Concept of NATO: The Interests and Priorities of the Czech Republic”

Date of event: 15.3. 2010

The main aim of the project is to identify the interests and priorities of the Czech Republic as a member of NATO in connection with the preparation of the new Strategic Concept of the Alliance and the development of transatlantic security and political relations in the coming decade.

The broader aim of the project is also to contribute to the recovery and cultivation of public foreign policy debate in the Czech Republic. This goal is to exceed the conventional political-party lines to achieve the elementary foreign policy consensus. For these reasons, seven Czech think tanks and academic institutions have been participating in the project. The PCTR is responsible for organizing and coordinating the project.

The workshop was attended by leading representatives of the Czech security community.

More information about the project, including a list of participating organizations, can be found on the website set up for the project: Any questions regarding the project can be addressed to Jan Jireš, Director of Central transatlantic relations (, 00420604728670).