Public Lecture: The Iranian Regime as a Threat for the World Security

Date of event: 23.4. 2015

The PCTR director Alexandr Vondra opened the lecture with his short welcome speech. Opening remarks were presented by Jan Zahradil, the president of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR) and MEP. The event was co-organized by the PCTR and European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR).

Mr Khazai started his lecture with a brief summary of the history of the Iranian revolution. He added some personal remarks as he had been directly involved in the revolution as a young career diplomat. “Similarly as during the Arab Spring, there were no stable democratic institutions. And when there are no democratic institutions the power is taken by those perfectly organized – and that means especially various churches,” stated the speaker.

“I stopped sympathizing with the revolution when I saw its effects on the country – the transformation – especially when Khomeini took the power. So, I became a member of the opposition,” said Khazai, who called himself a ‘rebel diplomat’.

Mr Khazai also spoke about the role of the Iranian opposition and the representation of women in it. Later, he focused on the current threats related to Iran, especially the ISIS and use of nuclear energy. Mr Khazai stressed out that the opposition is ready to tackle both these problems. As usual, the discussion with the audience followed.

We would like to thank our media partners the Civic Institute, Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce,, and reviewed journal Defense and Strategy.

The invitation card is available here and the biography of the speaker here. The photo gallery from the event can be found here.