Personnel Is Policy with Cameron Munter

A briefing with Cameron Munter

Briefing by Cameron Munter about what to expect from the key cooperators of Joe Biden in the field of foreign policy.

Cameron Munter is PCTRs senior fellow from February 2021. He worked for nearly thirty years in the services of American diplomacy. More about Cameron Munter here.

The briefing took place just a few days after Joe Biden announced his key cooperators in the field of foreign policy and security. The briefing was done for the Czech expert and analysts in the field, diplomats and reporters. He focused on the differences and similarities between Joe Biden’s upcoming policy and the policy of Barack Obama in whose administration Joe Biden took part. What will be the political priorities of Joe Bidens administration? How will he go against or continue the changes in foreign policy done in the years of Trump’s presidential term? He discussed how will the following countries and organizations react to the changes American foreign policy will bring: Iran, China, Russia, NATO, the Middle East in general, Europe…