The Upcoming Decade…

7th of september

Another invitation-only expert debate focusing on critical challenges of the Czech energy sector took place on September 7. Martin Durčák, chairman of the Board of ČEPS, and Pavel Tykač, owner of the Seven Energy AG, opened the discussion with their remarks, Alexander Vondra and Tomáš Pojar moderated it.

The debate focused on the development of the Czech energy sector in the following ten years. Martin Durčák addressed the scenarios of production mix development in the Czech Republic and its comparison to neighboring countries. He pointed out the growth of electricity consumption due to the electrification of industry and transport in the upcoming years, and the increase of consumption of renewable sources will not compensate for current coal capacity, which should be cut down in coming years. Pavel Tykač as the owner of one of the two major energy producers from the coal power plants analyzed this topic from a practical point of view.

More than 20 experts from the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, governmental agencies, and high-ranking managers of private energy companies and consulting companies took part in the debate organized by PCTR.