Jan Paďourek Presented his Works

March 9, 2022

The launch of two publications took place at the CEVRO Institute on 9 March. Jan Paďourek, Senior Fellow of the CEVRO Institute’s Center for Transatlantic Relations, participated in both as an author.

The book Behind the Mirror: Hybrid War as an Old-New Phenomenon of International Relations was published earlier this year by Academia and for several weeks it even featured at the head of the publisher’s best-selling titles. Its editors Jan Paďourek, Senior Fellow PCTR and Jaroslav Kurfurst, Special Representative for the Eastern Partnership, summarize the texts of twenty authors on the topic of hybrid threats in this monograph. The present authors of the individual chapters briefly presented their contributions, and they answered the questions of the present guests from the security community, diplomats and journalists in the ensuing discussion. The editors dedicated the book to the memory of their friend, mentor and colleague Luboš Dobrovský, his sons Jan and Pavel gave it a ceremonial “christening”.

Jan Paďourek also presented his study Different Perspectives of Czech Experts and Politicians on Key Security Threats, PCTR published in cooperation with the New Direction Foundation in February this year. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the difference between the Czech expert community and the most important political elites of the Czech Republic in the opinion, perception and public presentation of key security threats that were generated in national strategic documents. In addition to this comparison, it also presents an evaluation of the results of a newly applied method of determining the relevance (or degree of danger) of national security threats, classified on the basis of empirical research of 57 National Intelligence analysts. The research was carried out at the turn of 2019/2020.