NATOs Evolving Role in Global Stability

March 28th 2022

PCTR had the honor to host the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Geoană at a debate in the CEVRO Institute during his visit to the Czech Republic. His lecture and a follow-up debate were organized by the PCTR in cooperation with the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Jagello 2000, and the Aspen Institute.

M. Geoana mainly discussed the role of NATO and the EU in the relationship with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to M. Geoana, the Russian aggression is not a regional war in Europe, but a key momentum for the whole world. „It is a battle between those, who promote the law of the jungle and world order based on rules. It is about small states, that want to have their direction and their dreams,“ he added.

Following his contribution came an expert discussion between the former president of Estonia Kersti Kaldulaid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský, and Jamie Shea, a professor of strategy and security at the University of Exeter. The Transatlantic Alliance needs a strategy for how to neutralize Russia. However, the experts had agreed, that it cannot be a strategy based on the change of the regime, that is the responsibility of the Russian population. According to the former President of Estonia Kertsi Kaljulaid, it is not a question of the future role of NATO and the EU. She said that the world is smaller and the tension global and that democratic countries must strive and fight for their safety. Further, Kersti discussed that a quick solution does not exist, according to her, those tend to be bad and we need strategic patience. The Cold War has been with us for decades. Jamie Shea pointed out, that the West’s strategy against Russia never worked, according to Jamie Shea with Putin, normal diplomacy will never work. He is also concerned about the fact, that as soon as Ukraine will no longer be in the media, the support of the civilians will stop. He said that the leaders’ job right now is to keep the awareness about the situation in Ukraine and the best way to keep the solidarity strong is to remove the sources of disagreement.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský, the West has learned a valuable lesson, that the politics of appeasement do not work. Therefore it must continue to support Ukraine and can not let the conflict spill over the borders. He stated, that NATO and the EU must play a key role in the politics of the West. The West is strong and Putin has unified us. It must remain this way. The unprecedented unity, however, has two sides. „One thing is, that it is a necessity. The other one is, that it is very practical,“ Lipavský added.

Mircea Geoană is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Romania. He was a part of many international organizations including the OBSE. Kersti Kaljulaidová was in office in the years 2016 and 2021. She was named one of the top 100 most influential women in the world by the Forbes magazine. Jamie Shea worked in the international secretariat of NATO for 38 years.