The Strategy towards Independence from Russian Gas

1. června 2022

Another debate from the cycle of closed-expert PCTR debates focused on the key challenges faced by the Czech energy sector. The meeting was opened by Alexander Vondra with a summary of the main points of REPowerEU, the European Commission’s plan to decrease the dependence on Russian fossil fuels. The plan was constructed as a reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After the introduction the floor was given to Tomáš Mareček, předseda představenstva Eustream, who gave us an insight into the possible solutions to the gas crises the Czech Republic is getting into – both from the long-term and short-term perspective.

This regular debate was attended by more than 30 experts from the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and key governmental agencies together with high-ranking managers of private energy companies and consulting agencies, that offer their services in the energy field.