International Seminar: Second Term of President Obama and Perspectives of Transatlantic Relations

Date of event: 13.12. 2012

President Obama defended his second presidential mandate. What does it mean for the future of transatlantic relations in the coming years? Will Obama continue its policy of shifting the US focus from Europe to Asia? What does it mean for the political and security interests of the Central European countries? May be existing binder transatlantic alliance in the form of defence and security cooperation, economic cooperation, primarily replaced? How then institutionalize the transatlantic economy? It makes sense to think about creating “economic NATO” in the form of a transatlantic free trade area? These and other questions were answered by a number of leading experts from the USA and Europe.

  • Tomáš Valášek (Slovakia)
  • Wojciech Lorencz (Poland)
  • Jan Havránek (Czech Republic)
  • Stefan Fröhlich (Germany)
  • Kris Bledowski (USA)
  • Robert Pollard (USA)
  • Vilém Semerák (Czech Republic)

The seminar provided a forum for discussion on the issues above as speakers themselves, as well as other participants of the seminar.