Online discussion with Douglas Murray

Date of event: 22.6. 17:00 - 22.6. 2020 18:00

Douglas Murray is currently the main star of the weekly The Spectator. He regularly publishes in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Evening Standard, The New Criterion, National Review and in the magazine Standpoint.

The Sunday Times announced his last book, The Madness of Crowds: The Gender, Race and Identity, as the book of the year. His other bestseller, The Strange Death of Europe (published in Czech as Podivná smrt Evropy, LEDA, 2018), has been published in more than twenty languages worldwide. In both, he deals with the tendency of political, cultural, media and intellectual elites to yield to mass acting and thinking no matter if on migration or current culture wars. He is the star of the British weekly The Spectator; he has more than a quarter-million followers on Twitter. “Whether one agrees with him or not, Douglas Murray is one of the most important public intellectuals today,” Henri-Bernard Lévy said on him.  The Guardian described his book as “the bizarre fantasies of a rightwing provocateur, blind to oppression”. The guest of Alexandr Vondra in our next online debate was Douglas Murray.

You can also read an article about the debate published in Czech on Echo24

The discussion record is available on CEVRO Institute YouTube or below.