The Czech Defense and Security Policy: Where Did It Disappear?

Expert discussion on causes, impacts and necessary changes

Opening remarks: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Povejšil and Deputy Minister of Defense Jan Havránek

Moderated by Daniel Koštoval, Senior Fellow PCTR

The notion of security policy is a key factor for sustaining the sovereignty and independence of a country significantly weakened. It is a big change for the Czech Republic, in comparison with the situation of ten years ago. The tools and means of the areas of security are unable to react to the advancement and development of the security field or do not even notice the emerging phenomenon. It lacks the supra-departmental approach; the Czech Republic is missing a partner for the foreign and national security advisor.

The discussion focused mainly on the following questions: Why is the Czech security system unable to react on time to the security changes and challenges such as the global pandemic Covid-19? Why is it incapable to allocate necessary budgetary resources for the realization of security policy? Does the system of the State Security Council provide sufficient flexibility and decision-making or it is far outdated? What changes do the Czech security policy and security system need? What is the role in all of this of the political development in the Czech Republic? And what about the interaction between the political and the expert level?