Seminar: New security strategy of the Czech Republic: grounds, priorities, goals

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The aim of this meeting was to bring together experts from various academic institutions, NGO´s, think – tanks, political parties and also from the media and involve them in the discussion about the security strategy of the Czech Republic.

The second goal was to come up with particular suggestions that could be used by the MFA to review the old security strategy from 2003.

PCTR formulated a detailed report and distributed it to all relevant institutions.

Jamie Shea, the deputy of the NATO Secretary-General for the new security challenges, and Jiri Schneider, first deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs presented their statements at the seminar. Milos Balaban (SBP CESES FSV UK), Oldrich Bures (CBS MUP), Nikola Hynek, Vit Stritecky (IIR) and Jan Jires (PCTR CEVRO Institute) also shared their contributions.

Almost 70 people took part in the event. Half of them represented the administration, the other half were representatives of the nongovernmental security experts.